Simple Kalendar ~ April 2010

g 1 Thursday of the Lord’s Supper or Maundy Thursday on which begins the Sacred Triduum, I Class Double.

A 2 Friday of the Preparation or Good Friday, I Class Double.

b 3 The Holy Sabbath or Holy Saturday also called Easter Even, I Class Double.

c 4 THE SUNDAY OF THE RESURRECTION or EASTER DAY, I Class Double with priviliged Octave I.

d 5 Easter Monday, I Class Double.

e 6 Easter Tuesday, I Class Double.

f 7 Wednesday in the Octave, Semi-Double.

g 8 Thursday in the Octave, Semi-Double.

A 9 Friday in the Octave, Semi-Double.

b 10 Saturday in the Octave anciently called The Sabbath in White, Semi-Double.

c 11 The Sunday in White or Low Sunday, I Class Sunday, Greater Double; Commemoration of St. Leo I, P.C.D., Lesser Double.

d 12

e 13

f 14 St. Justin Martyr, Lesser Double.

g 15

A 16

b 17

c 18 Second Sunday after Easter, Semi-Double.

d 19

e 20

f 21 The Solemnity of Saint Joseph Foster-Father of Jesus, Spouse of our Lady, and Patron of the Church commonly called the Feast of the Patronage of Saint Joseph, I Class Double with common Octave: Commemoration of St. Anselm, B.C.D., Lesser Double.

g 22

A 23 St. George, M., Semi-Double.

b 24

c 25 St. Mark the Evangelist, Double of II Class: Commemoration of Third Sunday after Easter, Semi-double.

d 26

e 27

f 28

g 29

A 30 St. Catherine of Sienna, V., Lesser Double.


About Father Gregory

I am an Anglican Catholic Priest, currently residing in Orvelte, the Netherlands.
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