Simple Kalendar Ordo 12-03-2010

Pope St. Gregory the Great

See page E113 for the celebration of this Feast as a Lesser Double or II Class double.

To make sense of celebrating this Feast think of the following remarks from the Prefatory Note to the General Rubrics of the AB:

Roughly speaking, the elements composing the Divine Office can be classified as the common parts (cf. Common Forms and the Ordinary), the essential parts (i.e., the Psalms with their Antiphons and at Matins, the Nocturn Versicles also, as given in the Psalter, and the occurrent Scriptural Lessons with their Responses, as given in the Proper of the Season), and the accidental parts (i.e., those parts which furnish a special character to the Office of the day, and must be selected from the Ordinary or the Propers or Commons).

However, there are certain Feasts and Holy Days which, because of their importance or their special character, are an exception or partial exception to the ordinary rule. Excepted Feasts take both their essential and accidental parts from their respective Proper or Common, whereas the partially excepted Feasts take Vespers and Lauds, and Matins in whole or in part, from their respective Proper or Common, and the rest of their Office is said as on non-excepted Feasts. Always the Rubrics of the Proper indicate in each case how the Office is to be arranged on excepted and partially excepted Feasts, but the beginner must know exactly how to recite the Office of Feasts which follow the ordinary rule, and therefore this question is discussed in detail in Rubric II below, and also in the Rubrics placed immediately before the Proper and the Common of the Saints.

For II Class Double follow all the instructions and givens of Common 8 for Doctors except for what is given in the Proper of the Saints (p. E113-116).Both the essential and accidental parts of the Office are from the Proper or Common. This Feast celebrated as a II Class Double is an excepted Feast. Preces are not said, Feria is commemorated.

For a Lesser Double all given as proper on pages E113-116 the rest (everything else) as on a Feria. Preces are not said, Feria is commemorated. This Feast is partially excepted as Lesser Double. Only certain (not all) essential parts are from the Proper and/or Common of the Saints for this Feast.

Next Feast for the Simple Kalendar is St. Patrick on the 17th this month. So after St. Gregory’s Feast until St. Patrick’s Feast the Office is said as on a Lenten Feria (so with preces at all hours – except Matins of course – and with special Antiphons and/or hymns,chapters, responses, as indicated in the Ordinary at each Hour).

Please do not hesitate to ask questions below.

Fr. Gregory Wassen +

About Father Gregory

I am an Anglican Catholic Priest, currently residing in Orvelte, the Netherlands.
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